Dividends in addition to staking rewards

Get rewards with Cardano ADA staking.
There are ADA and TOKEN dividends in SAKE!
We are looking for dApps ideas.

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The system is a win-win situation for both the holder and the network, with an incentive of about 4% per year just for holding the ADA. You can transfer money or buy and sell at any time since you can self-manage your ADA in your wallet. (It is not locked). Over 70% of ADA holders are staking.
How to Staking


Additional rewards

In addition to staking rewards, we will distribute a total of 1,000 ADA or more each time as dividends three to five times a year.

Low Variable fee

Margin fees for SAKE operators are set low so that they can generate as much staking compensation as possible. Depending on the amount of delegation, the margin fee is changed in a progressive manner to diversify Cardano.

High technology

Our business is operated by experienced engineers. We have built a monitoring system / auto-scaling (automatic server expansion according to the load) system. We promise high quality operation with no human error. We have a 0% block generation error rate.

Extensive support

We will answer any questions you may have at any time.

Contribution to Cardano

dApps/tool development and NFT project promotion activities to improve Cardano value. We are looking for ideas for dApps and problems you want to solve. If your idea leads to a project, we will give you a token or ADA incentive. Click here to post page


  • We will not take any action that is detrimental to the delegate.
  • In order to decentralize the Cardano network, we promise to operate a single pool without creating multiple pools.
  • We will take actions that will improve Cardano's value in the long term.

About me

I am an active engineer living in Kyoto, Japan, with 18 years of engineering experience. I will ensure that pool management is a business.
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Cardano developer community

CNFT viewer for mobile

NFT Art "mihas project"


Those who want to increase the ADA

Those who support the improvement of Cadano's value.

Those who want to contribute to the decentralization of Cardano

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Dividends in addition to staking rewards

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