【Closed】Total of 3,000₳ Gifts special deal


Campaign is closed!

We have reached the total amount of 3,000₳ and the campaign has ended.
2021/7/17 11:57

Special Deal Outline

In conjunction with the opening of our pool, we're running a total of ₳3,000 gift!

A gift of 0.4% of the delegated amount ₳ = APY 3.2% equivalent

The requirements
 ・Delegate amount of 250₳ or more
 ・Continuous delegation of 9 epochs (45 days)
 ・Follow & Retweet on Twitter
 ・Apply using the application form on the website at the start of the delegation.
 ・First-come-first-served basis. Closing for total amount of 3,000₳.

The decimal point of the gift amount will be rounded. 

How to Apply

Please apply here !

Please consider SAKE☻ Staking is the best choice for you.

Advantages 💪

  1. Maximizing the return to the delegate

  2. High quality management by an active engineer with 18 years of engineering experience.

  3. Operates CNFTCLIP and Cardano Engineer HUB, working to increase Cardano value

  4. Working to increase the number of Cardano use cases

Details 👀

  • Pool Name


  • Ticker


  • Pool ID


  • Pool ID(for Daedalus wallet)


Please search for 「 SAKE 」 in Daedalus Wallet, Yolo Wallet, etc.
For staking, please consider SAKE POOL🍶

Dividends in addition to staking rewards

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