Hydra=Room of spirit and time?(Dragon Ball)

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With the launch of dApps, some of you may be dissatisfied with Cardano's transaction processing speed.
Cardano is planning to add a new speed-up feature called Hydra. (Scheduled for June 2022).

Hydra is like the "Room of Spirit and Time" in Dragon Ball, in a very simple way.
The framework of the rules in the room is the same, only time flows faster, and it is possible to speed up complex transactions.
Any number of rooms can be created simultaneously on the Cardano network.
You can create as many rooms as you want on the Cardano network at the same time, but you will only be able to enter a room during a transaction.
It is said that when Hydra is implemented, the number of transactions processed per second will theoretically reach one million.
In any case, it will be absurdly fast.

Image from IOHK

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Layer 1 = Cardano network (real world)
Layer 2 = Inside Hydra (Room of Mind and Time)
Inside Hydra, the transaction fee is at least 0.000001 ADA, and the transaction approval time can be set to less than 1 second.

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I hope this gives you some idea of what I'm talking about.

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